Absinthe Brands to Avoid, and Good Absinthe connected to Famous Artists

It’s wormwood (what else would it be?)

Remember Buddy Hackett? Dan does. We also remember the Kentucky Fried Movie, or at least the nude scenes. Besides that, Jerry and Dan go over some absinthe brands to completely avoid (and a major shoutout to Brian at the Wormwood Society website who reviewed them), then drift off into talking about absinthe brands we like that are connected to artists. Other topics include Dan’s all time favorite horror movie, some of Jerry’s favorite music, and what if Woody Allen had been cast as Darth Vader? We also touch upon the possibility of having an actual ghost as a guest on the show.

As promised in the episode:

Yes, we know… in today’s day and age, this is racist. But Jerry loves the font.
“You’re so pretty… too bad you have to die.” – Tourist Trap