The Green Hour with Dan and Jerry

Dan tells a tale of phantasmagoria while Jerry sips Jade 1901 and listens in fascination about demons, murders, and what old-timey people used to do before there were horror movies. There is also a tale of murder that was blamed on absinthe, and which started the worldwide ban on absinthe back in the day … even though most likely it should have been blamed on wine.

Artificial Intelligence written song lyrics and Tenth Ward Absinthe Review

Season two premier episode, featuring a song about absinthe written by artificial intelligence, Dan giving his initial taste test and review of Tenth Ward Absinthe, and Jerry takes us through a bizarre history of alcoholic beverages used as medicine since before the year 7000 B.C. Also, the boys touch upon the subject (again) of making your own absinthe at home.

Searching for Absinthe and Roasting Dan at His Own Funeral

It was supposed to be “Not Quite Dead” but the typo worked just as well.

It’s Dan’s birthday! So what does he want? A funeral?!? Yes, that’s what he wanted, so that’s what we gave him. A comedy funeral “roast” hosted by none other than the one and only Mike McShane. That, and a bunch of bottles of absinthe. So a huge shoutout to longtime friend Mike (we can’t tell you how much we love this guy) for being the Master of Ceremonies, and thanks to longtime friend and Slow Death in the Afternoon listener Jeff for being there as well, and also to old and dear friend Dave for participating all the way from Australia. Also a HUGE shout out to all Dan’s friends, too many to name here, and also since Jerry is the one typing this, he can’t remember any of their names. Except for Becky (who is the ultimately awesome girlfriend by the way, and Dan is an extremely lucky dude to have her in his life). Video can be found on our website at or on our Facebook page. Also, note to Dan: please don’t drink absinthe in Hell. Remember it’s flammable

Psycho X Lovers and Glasses with Fricken’ Lasers

Greetings to all future peoples from us here in the distant past! This mostly retro episode of the podcast features glasses with fricken’ lasers, holiday shopping woes, and discussions about how you know when a Hollywood franchise is on its last leg when they suddenly set it “in space.” The boys also pose the question to you, the listeners: Have you ever had a psycho x?

Probably Our Holiday 2019 Episode!

Image by @mariekazalia via Twenty20

Why probably? Because we don’t really know. Dan is super busy with local shows for his day job for the rest of December 2019, and while Jerry may have a substitute guest host lined up, that also is not a for sure thing. Other than that, what can you expect from this episode? Well, how would you like to be a double-secret absinthe counter spy? You might be one right now and not even know it! Be careful with that pen you have no memory of ever touching before because if you push the button on the top you may release a weapon of mass drunkenness. If all this wasn’t enough of a train wreck, Jerry uses his amazing psychic powers to channel the spirit of the first human to ever suckle a cow.

Losing Your Absinthe Virginity

In this episode, Dan teaches Jerry how to professionally negotiate just about anything. Jerry tells Dan how to get people to leave when it’s time for them to go home. Also in this episode: Mashing up Watership Down with A Clockwork Orange. A robot which duplicates (or dispenses) absinthe. How the stuff you own ends up owning you. How to enjoy moderation in moderation. And, we answer the age-old question: Does absinthe really make the heart grow fonder?

Thanksgiving 2019 Special

That’s right, future listeners, this episode was recorded waaaay back in November, 2019! Inside it contains: Cinnamon night sweats. Absinthe eggnog. Chocolate absinthe cigars. Absinthe, kittens, and anti-depressant hallucinogenics. Time-traveling Mandalorians in Elon Musk’s cyber truck. It’s Thanksgiving, dear future listeners — and we are drunk. Thank you!

Bartles and Hemingway … and bees!

IN THIS EPISODE Dan and Jerry suggest you go to and start a local absinthe meetup group. Also, Dan urges Jerry to “practice what you’ve been drinking” tells him about how much he hates paying retail prices. No, seriously, he hates it. Also mentioned in this episode is the brilliance that is “Robot Chicken” (can you believe it’s been going on since 2005?), and how Dan used to love frequenting hookah bars. Or course, this was back when it was only legal for him to smoke shisha. ALSO, STAY TUNED dear future listeners, as there is a BONUS EPISODE coming out this week: our 2019 Thanksgiving Special.

If you “Reimagine” Absinthe it’s probably not Absinthe anymore…

In this episode we touch upon recently announced Henrick’s “Absinthe Reimagined,” and while we’re not bashing it — because we haven’t actually tasted it — we’re skeptical about calling it “absinthe.” Also covered is the upcoming legalization of marijuana in Michigan and Illinois, the challenge of pronouncing absinthe in a plural sense, and Jerry touts the wonderfulness that is Clandestine absinthe. He also gives us details about the sadly defunct “Green Fairy Club” that had used to be in the Naperville / Aurora Illinois area, and discuss the 5 people (living or dead) we would like to drink absinthe with. And we’d like to pass that question off to you! Call and let us know who those people would be, at (203) 450-6375.