Waiter, there’s a Scarab Beetle in my Absinthe

Dan and Jerry discuss the remaking of the movie “10,” and also ponder what it would be like to reboot The Road Warrior by having it star Pee-wee Herman. Also: Absinthe Jello Shots (Dan thinks they should be called “The Wiggly Fairy); how good the original Twilight Zone was; how to survive a tornado by hiding in a bathtub; and Dan gives his first official Absinthe News Report.

Thunderstorms, Shakespeare, and Anarchy

Recorded during a major thunderstorm, this has bikers, drug lords, anarchy, and the importance of battery backup systems. Also, absinthe becoming legalized in France, mini iPads (is that a feminine hygiene product?), and Doctor Hoodlum (is that a thing? If not, it should be!) Music is by Minus the Bear: Absinthe Party at the Fly Honey Warehouse. Dig it. And remember, life is a story. Be the protagonist. Drive the story forward.

A Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Toast

(No toast was actually harmed in the making of this podcast)
(No toast was actually harmed in the making of this podcast)

After Jerry lists off all the naughty girls that have been trying to get a hold of him via Skype, Dan and Jerry then create Facebook pages for their appliances so they can all like each other, then discuss the land-squid people who will take over Earth after humans are gone — and what future land-squid archeologists will think when they discover Dan’s collection of stuffed jackalopes. And that is still not all. No, no friends, it goes on and on, like a runaway train full of pineapple ranchers who only speak German.

Why Vinyl is like Absinthe

Freshly recorded in early June 2019, Dan and Jerry explore the question of drinking in self-driving cars; why vinyl records are like absinthe; and which female pop stars they have fan-crushes on. Further plans are made for a Vegas meetup!

Absinthe Party

Absinthe Party

New recording equipment, new absinthe fountain, new absinthe glasses, new absinthe spoons, and a brand new bottle of Pacifique absinthe … and a new concept for an episode: it had to be tested.

Our Interview with Andy Prieboy

Writer, songwriter, musician, and former member of the band Wall of Voodoo talks about the creative process; about pitching shows to Hollywood; about writing books vs. writing music; and about riding in an ancient steam-powered car with Jay Leno. He also gives us the background of how he became involved with Wall of Voodoo (great story, by the way!) and asks us what the deal is about absinthe. Because, you know, we had to tie this in with absinthe somehow. More about Andy and his latest EP can be found at AndyPrieboy.com

Behind the Green Curtain

We are drinking absinthe during every episode and this one is no exception. Some of the alcohol-inspired confessions included here: neither Dan or Jerry feel like they’re adults. In day-to-day dealings with “adults” both of us have to put on our “adult masks” so that others don’t realize they’re dealing with young teenagers trapped in aging bodies. Also: we have specific messages for Ted Breaux and Alan Moss 😉 

Music at the end was by Jim’s Big Ego.

We see drunk people … they don’t even know that they’re drunk

We couldn’t decide whether to call this episode “We see drunk people,” or “Hairy Man Cleavage.” We went with the one that wasn’t quite as disgusting. Featured in this episode is music by Jim’s Big Ego (check them out at bigego.com) (and also check out the fact that Jim has a great science fiction book out called The Wakeful Wanderer‘s Guide to New New England & Beyond). We also talk about absinthe, while we’re drinking absinthe. Of course. Which is why we keep getting our wrong in the words order.

Oh, and this:

The Butler’s in LoveAbsinthe‘ by Mark Stock