Plug it in to the UFO Port

Recorded July 17, 2019, in this episode we reveal why we like Lucid now way, way more than we used to (hint: Ted Breaux himself let us know why); we reveal what Jerry learned in his cocktail class given by the master mixologist Alex Ryser; and we discuss how exactly people storming Area 51 can interface their MacBooks with alien computers. Also: Absinthe drink of the month (thank you Mario!), the pros and cons of rebooting Spiderman, and finally how awesome a song can be when none of the musicians don’t even know they’re contributing to a song (hint: it’s all in the editing). PLEASE NOTE: to Jerry’s employer, he is not smoking marijuana. But please consider being lenient when it is finally legal in his state of residence? Thank you! (Also thank you to Ted Breaux and Mario, shout outs to you! Also thank you to Alex Ryser for being the master mixologist and teacher that he is.)

We had to include this as we talked about it in the episode.