Advertise With Us

Podcasts are exploding in popularity and offer a much longer advertising life than most other media, for a fraction of the costs. And podcasts like this one offer a unique niche market tailor made for absinthe, absinthe products, or liquors in general.

Using the latest podcast hosting technology, ads can be simply dropped in so that they appear in every single episode, old or new, so no matter where the listener is on their journey through the series, they hear the ad.

This gives you, the advertiser, the advantage of the “long tail” of listenership, which are fans that binge listen all the way through from episode one, season one.

Because of this we can only offer a select amount of advertising, in blocks of 3, 6, and 12 month packages.

  • Three Months, All Episodes: $2,000.00 USD
  • Six Months, All Episodes: $3,200.00 USD
  • Full Year, All Episodes: $6,000.00 USD

To secure your business a part of this unique, laser-targeted opportunity, contact us today for more information.

Remember, this is a limited offer. As the audience continues to grow, these rates will go up. Lock in your rate and time-frame now.