Our Latest 10 Episodes

Hello to our absinthe-minded listeners! Below is our ten most recent episodes. Individual show notes will be below those.

Sick of hearing about the 2020 pandemic? This is a pandemic-free episode! How?! Because it was originally recorded in 2011, and in it Jerry talks about the email he once received from Steve Jobs, Dan questions how Saint Peter ended up being Heaven's security guard, and Jerry discusses the one addiction he just can't seem to kick. Also, Dan has an actual prescription for whiskey, and a pen he cannot take on an airline. Santé! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/slowdeath/message
  1. Think Different
  2. And the Pod Gods Frowned
  3. Love And Chatbots
  4. Death From the Ankles Down
  5. Day Drinking on a Sunday Morning
  6. Art is Anything You Can Get Away With
  7. Alcoholic Beverage Slap-downs and Antisocial Networks
  8. Squandering In Ignorance
  9. Should the Absinthe Festival Be Online?
  10. Easter is a good time for a Green Hour

Squandering In Ignorance

So the United States Government finally makes an official admission that, in effect, UFO’s are real, and in this day and age we pretty much yawn and say, “Whatever.” Has it really come to this? Yes, dear friends, it has. But there is one positive note: some very smart people are doing serious research to see if the ingredients of absinthe may help fight the current pandemic, and so we say, “Let’s drink to that!” And we did. Jerry, in fact, drank maybe a bit too much. Also he reveals the results of his test, which was last episode’s cliff hanger.

Easter is a good time for a Green Hour

In this special episode, recorded mostly on Easter Sunday 2020, we’re joined by special guest Kim Haasarud, a James Beard-honored mixologist,  author, beverage consultant, and Vice President of the United States Bartenders Guild, where she tells us how we can all pitch in and help bartenders and waitstaff displaced by the current Covid-19 pandemic. Or, how to get help from the USBG if you are a bartender or waitstaff who has found yourself in the situation where you could use a helping hand. Other topics in this episode include classic science fiction movies; Godzilla and the Twilight Zone (then, and now); the latest installment of Red Dwarf; and many other things to explore … or re-explore … while physically distancing. 

Note: Jerry was going to call this episode, “Are you Social Distancing, or Do I Just Have Bad Breath?” but at the last minute thought better of it.

Quarantine’s Got Talent!

Between Dan posting quarantine memes and Jerry posting pictures of birds and squirrels, the boys are keeping themselves occupied during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. The US Bartender’s Guild is collecting money to help those laid off during the crisis, while the New York Post is reporting that alcohol sales are up around 55%. Distilleries are considered essential businesses, most likely because schools are not — but many are helping to fight this war against the germ by retooling their distilleries to produce sanitizing products. Welcome to the End of the World As We Know It.

If Beer Grew On Trees

Dear future listeners, welcome to the Green Hour with Dan and Jerry… the podcast formally known as Slow Death in the Afternoon. The episode you’re about to hear was originally recorded in August 2011, and it just so happens Dan and I talk about the CDC releasing their guide to preparing for the zombie apocalypse. Being that Jerry recorded the intro in the midst of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic … it seems rather appropriate. 

Injecting Testosterone Into Your … Area

Change is in the wind. Our podcast’s name is going to gently morph into “The Green Hour with Dan and Jerry” mainly because it would probably be easier to get guests to join us for that, than for a “Slow Death in the Afternoon.” In this episode Jerry is sipping on a Death in the Afternoon Cocktail made with Cooks Brut and Kubler while he and Dan talk about absinthe in Montana, self-improvement by getting out of your own way, and green fairies who like to get naked for you. (There is absolutely nothing wrong with that as long is that is what they genuinely want to do.) Plus, Jerry and Dan both get into some TMI for hopefully everyone’s benefit. No pain no gain.