Our Latest 10 Episodes

Hello to our absinthe-minded listeners! Below is our ten most recent episodes. Individual show notes will be below those.

Death From the Ankles Down The Green Hour with Dan and Jerry

Topics covered in this silly train wreck: How not to break your absinthe fountain  Why you should rent movies instead of buy them Dan and Jerry pitch a seriously low budget movie to either Neflix or Syfy Other assorted Green Hour shenanigans  Grab your favorite beverage of your choice and join us! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/slowdeath/message
  1. Death From the Ankles Down
  2. Day Drinking on a Sunday Morning
  3. Art is Anything You Can Get Away With
  4. Alcoholic Beverage Slap-downs and Antisocial Networks
  5. Squandering In Ignorance
  6. Should the Absinthe Festival Be Online?
  7. Easter is a good time for a Green Hour
  8. Quarantine's Got Talent!
  9. The Hunt for Green October
  10. The Mummy Speaks!