About This Podcast

The Green Hour with Dan and Jerry, formally known as the Slow Death in the Afternoon Podcast, is the most well established podcast on the Internet that serves the niche market of absinthe enthusiasts, creative people, or anyone who likes to have fun.

With a worldwide listenership that is growing every month, each episode is a comfortable, humorous “green hour” chat while the hosts drink various alcoholic beverages, usually featuring absinthe. The topics range from absinthe reviews, product news, as well as tidbits of history and the debunking of myths and misconceptions which surround the beverage.

While the podcast does anchor itself on the topic of absinthe, it is not solely about the spirit. Dan and Jerry engage listeners with wide ranging subjects that involved creativity and creative tools often used by those who drink absinthe.

Listeners of legal age are encouraged to drink along, and to provided feedback either via social media, text messages, or voice mail.

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